"Oneiroid psychosis is characterized by an acute, confused dreamlike state."
  - From the Bantam Medical Dictionary

( own - EYE - roid ) from Greek "oneiros," dream.
In the Oneiroid state one feels and behaves as though in a dream. One may be deeply perplexed and not fully oriented in time and place. During this state of clouded consciousness, one may experience feelings of ecstasy and rapidly shifting hallucinated scenes. Illusionary distortions of their perceptional processes, including disturbances of time perceptional processes, and the symptomatic picture may resemble that of a hysterical twilight state. The oneiroid schizophrenic acknowledges everyday realities gives priority to their world of hallucinatory and delusional experiences, whereas the normal person with a vivid fantasy life always gives priority to contingencies of reality. Oneiroid states are usually limited in duration and occur most frequently in acute schizophrenic breakdowns.